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Important: Kindly Watch the Installation & Troubleshooting  video below first before you begin to download & use the software.

Software Installation Videos


Please watch this video before installing the software as it will show you all the necessary steps for the pre-installation and installation of the software..


 99.9% of installation issues are caused to due to anti-virus. Watch this troubleshooting video before you install the software.

VIDEO #3. T-tube Speed Test

 Since most videos are edited, here is a 2 minute test
video for t-tube in which you can see how fast can t-tube
get data for the URL's, titles & tags for one keyword and then for 3 keywords if you have a good internet connection. 

Software Training Videos

VIDEO #1.  T-tube Introduction

In the first video you will get a brief walkthrough of t-tube software. We will learn about the main modules of the software and  how to get started with T-tube by creating a new project. You will also learn about the differences in the 3 versions and that this video training is applicable to all versions of T-tube.

VIDEO #2. Titles

In this video we will reverse-engineer the competitor's
titles and also learn how to use t-tube to brainstorm
titles by sorting them into 3 popular categories of
titles. We will also learn why these titles are more popular
than any other categories of titles.

VIDEO #3. T-tube Suggest

Youtube Auto-suggest is extremely powerful because it is the exact keywords people are typing into Youtube to search for videos to solve their problems and using t-tube platinum you can harvest auto-suggest titles from over 45 countries.
Using them in the titles can be extremely powerful and in this video we will learn how we can use them to brainstorm more titles.

VIDEO #4. Title-Gen

In this video, we will take our title brainstorming one
step further by appending power words using the
power words feature of the software.  We will also
learn about title decoration and how we an auto-generate
titles on the fly using the title generator feature of the software. 

VIDEO #5. Tags

Although  tags are not the visual elements that a viewer
will see unlike titles or thumbnails but they still play a crucial role because they help to get your videos found. 
In this video we will learn about the  mistakes that people
generally do and how t-tube can help you to write better tags.
The T-tube Platinum version also allows you to auto-generate multiple tags relevant to your niche.

VIDEO #6. Thumbnails

After titles, thumbnails are the next visual element that a viewer will notice when deciding to click & view a video.
Thumbnails don't work by themselves but they work 
together with titles to tell a cohesive story. In this video we will learn how we can rip our competitor's low-res & high-res thumbnails  using t-tube & how to create better thumbnails.

VIDEO #7. Traffic

The T-tube Platinum version not only allows to optimize
your titles, tags and thumbnails but it also allows you to take
things one step further so that you can start driving traffic to
your newly well optimized videos. The traffic module allows you to get traffic in 3 ways -- 1. Indexing  2. Submitting your
links to high PR sites &  3.  Social Media.

VIDEO #8. Troubleshooting & Proxies

In this video I will show you some common mistakes and errors you may face while running the software.  Also software allows both  private and public proxies to be used and we will discuss the same in the video. Some GUI functions help to make the software more user-friendly.

VIDEO #9. Bonus Walkthrough

In this bonus walkthrough video I will choose another a new niche and keyword and once again walkthrough all the steps I discussed from video 2-7.i.e reverse-engineer all the titles, tags and thumbnails and drive traffic to the newly optimized videos using t-tube

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