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Dear Youtube Marketer,

So you’ve created your channel, you’ve created lots of cool videos and still you don’t have any traffic at all? 

But what's your competitor's videos SUCK like a bucket of ticks but they somehow seem to get more clicks & views?

And by the way... your videos are Engaging & Relevant but they somehow fail to garner the eyeballs they deserve?

 A few years ago I was BANGING my head against the wall but I found no answer to this question.

I was creating awesome high quality videos that could put even Hollywood to SHAME but the more videos I created... the more my FRUSTRATION grew because I was spending all the time, energy and effort into video creation & barring my few friends no one had any clue
about my killer videos.

My ROI was almost next to NEGLIGIBLE and seriously how do you get anyone to take action on what you want to sell them without getting them to watch your videos first? 

      I was on the verge of Giving up until...       

 I created a custom Youtube software that not only increased my  the Views & CTR's of my
 You-tube videos but also of the videos of several of my clients.

  What I realized was.. more than anything else on-video optimization mattered the most...
  and my software allowed to optimize the 3 T's perfectly.  Now before I tell you more about the 3 T's...

  ...Take a look at the kind of Recent results Adam Payne has been able to achieve using T-tube...

"And Here's What One of the Early Beta Testers has to say about T-tube"

Titles, Tags & Thumbnails, why
they matter for Traffic?

Titles are the first visual elements that a viewer will see when he decides to click and view a video. A good title should not only hook the viewer but also arouse his curiosity. Titles should also be optimized for targetted keywords as well.

Tags help to get your videos found although they are not the visual elements that a viewer sees while choosing to click & watch a video.
There are 3 mistakes people make when it comes to optimizing the tags:

  • They do a lot of tag stuffing by adding irrelevant tags
  • They don't add any tags at all.
  • They add less tags 

90% of the best-performing videos on YouTube have custom Thumbnails. Attract more viewers and increase watch time by creating visually interesting, click-compelling thumbnails of your own.

 Infact.. You-Tube Recommends Best Practices
For Getting Your Videos Found By Asking You
to Focus More on Your MetaData!

T-tube allows you to optimize your titles in a variety of ways:-

  • By allowing  you to brainstorm titles using popular title categories like lists, questions, etc. 
  • By allowing you to get ideas for titles from the Youtube Auto-suggest feature
  • By allowing you to auto-generate titles 'on the fly' if you are unsure on where to start in the first place.

Create Compelling Titles that Work...

T-tube allows you to optimize your tags in a variety of ways:-

  • By allowing you to categorize your competitor's tags into categories like short-tail, long-tail, product-specific etc.
  • By allowing you to get ideas for tags from the Youtube Auto-suggest feature
  • By making sure if you are following YouTube's best practises for tags.

Add Relevant Tags that matter...

T-tube allows you to discover the secrets of enticing thumbnails:-

  • By allowing you to download all the links of your competitor's thumbnails
  • By allowing you to rip all of the low-res and high-res images. 
  • By making sure if you are following YouTube's best thumbnail practices.

 Thumbnails That Tell A Story...

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LITE  Version

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  • Unlimited YouTube Competition Research
  • Optimize Titles, Tags & Thumbnails
  • Auto-Generate Titles 
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  • No Proxy Support
  • No Delay Support


PRO  Version

Unlimited Multi - PC License

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  • Unlimited  YouTube Competition Research
  • Optimize Titles, Tags & Thumbnail
  • Auto-Generate Titles 
  • YouTube  auto-suggest supports  4 countries
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  • Private & Public Proxy  Support

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We have your back. Inside this comprehensive bonus two and a half hour training you will learn how to make most of t-tube. The possibilties are endless.

  • How to Write Enticing titles....
  • Best practices of Tags... 
  • How Titles & Thumbnails Work Together!
  • Much Much More..

"I have known Rishy for a while and I use several of his software tools. He always goes out of
the way to over-deliver and to keep them updated. T-tube is a tool that I am going to definetely add to my own software tools and I would highly recommend it especially if you are struggling to get going with YouTube.

- Marcus Christian (

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee


I know you are going to LOVE this software but on the off chance that it just isn’t what you thought or you receive ZERO value from it (highly unlikely)...I’ll refund 100% of your purchase today, no questions asked, no hassle and no hard feelings.
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To your Success ,



P.  S :  T-tube is one of those few tools that I use everyday in my IM marketing. So you are covered by my life-long Guarantee. And today for a fraction of the price it will give you an unbeatable advantage over your competitors.

P.P.S: I forgot to mention...we have your back. We won’t you give a tool and let you figure out what you need to do with it.  With over a comprehensive 2 and a half hour training you will discover how you can use T-tube to make a big change on how you optimize your Youtube videos starting today. 


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