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T-tube Auto-Suggest

                                      With the T-tube Platinum Version you can harvest You-tube auto-suggest                                                          keywords from over 41 non-English speaking countries...

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Power Words!


                                       Plus, with T-tube Platinum, you can append spinned Power Words
                                   to your titles,using the append power words feature of software.

                             Appending Power Words (E.g. Powerful, Explosive) to Your Titles
                                                                 will boost your CTR's!


Creating such Powerful titles has never been easier!

Tag Generator!

                                    Are you having trouble in choosing the right tags for your videos?                            
                            Moreover using the same tags or not using enough for all your
                                                    videos is  not the best approach...

                            The tag generator feature of T-tube will help get your videos 
                                                    found for a lot of search terms easily...



                                                         Traffic is the life-blood of marketing....

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                                            traffic for your newly optimized videos!

                             Not only can you use the software to index your videos to over
                                              1000 indexing services but also drive high PR backlinks 
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