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 Module 1 - The Right Niche

  • How to validate a niche is right for YouTube
  • How to brand your name across Social Media
  • Come up with TONS of video ideas before you start

 Module 2 - Channel Creation

  • How to create an 'Umbrella' Channel
  • How to get unlimited accounts created
  •  What to do if you are unable to create a channel yourself

 Module 3 - Wordpress Wizardy

  • How to set up your Adwords, New Facebook pixel and Analytics
  • How to set up and use Google Tag Manager
  • What Plugins are necessary for YouTube success

 Module 4 - Optimization Overload

  • How to build authority in the eyes of viewers
  •  How to build your list with one tweak
  • What Plugins are necessary for YouTube success

 Module 5 - The Dashboard

  • How to brand all your videos
  • Monetization madness. A big mistake you may be making
  • How to use YouTube Analytics to Sky-Rocket your video results

 Module 6 -  The Bonus

  • How to get free videos to use as your own...legally
  • How to see if a video will rank BEFORE you make it
  • The secret link to use to build your subscriber base


Rank Your Videos Faster than a Speed of a bullet using Guerilla Video Maker Software..

  • Software gives the ability to shuffle the videos so that each video is unique
  • 100 images & 50 Audio Tracks to use with Software
  • Two Fast action case study videos
  •  25 Landing Page templates in various niches included


CPA Commando Operation YouTube

Inside this best-selling CPA Course you will learn how to combine Power of CPA with Free Traffic of Youtube..

  • Module 1: Fast CPA Attack
  • Module 2:  Keyword Sniper
  • Module 3: Video Ambush
  • Module 4: Stealth SEO
  • Module 5: Backlink Bootcamp
  • Module 6 : List Blaster