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Get the Ultimate Leading Edge For Linkedin Marketing

A PERFECT MUST-HAVE tool for all CPA Marketers in 2016!

It doesn't really matter whether you’re a job seeker or a recruiter, a sales representative or a CEO, an enterprenuer or a lawyer, having a top-viewed LinkedIn profile will lead to a number of great things: an expanded network, more exposure and new business. As a matter of fact, who wouldn't want to do business with a respected leader?

LinkedIn provides a venue for any individual or business to truly stand out in a crowd. It is perfect tool for job hunting, recruiting, and marketing your business.

Keep in mind: LI is older than FB and was built with one idea : allow business people to connect and stay in touch. 

To Give You an Example-- Just under half of college and university students have LinkedIn profiles, so if you are considering using LinkedIn to find a career - building your own LinkedIn profile is still a great way to positivelydistinguish yourself from
your peers.

So whether you are looking for the next career move, or you want to find new prospects for your
products and services – LinkedIn is an excellent social networking platform.

Why Linkedin Leader?

  • Automation is the key to succeed with Linkedin.
    LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional networking site, growing steadily from 225 million professional profiles in 2012, to 347 million members in 2016. But then how do you go about getting those leads and connections fast without tedious manual work; only by automating through a software like Linkedin Leader.
  • Data Mining From Linkedin.
    Unlike other social networking platforms linkedin makes it very hard to extract data from it's large database. That's why you won't find too many solutions out there ready to extract this confidential data for you like Linkedin Leader.
  • Getting More Eye-balls for Your Profiles.
    In addition to using LinkedIn to find people, LinkedIn is a place to be found. If you view someone's profile then are going to view yours back and this way you can get more connections and profile views. Why bother doing this manually, let Linkedin Leader do this job for you.

But most people have a hard time growing their Linkedin Connections strategically.. Moreover there are no automated solutions to help you with your Linkedin Marketing.

     As a business owner, I use Linkedin Leader to find the right contacts & grow my network strategically & so can you today ...With the Push-of-A-Button.                                              

Now COMPANY RESEARCH: At the Snap of Your Fingers!     

The Company Profile pages on LinkedIn are GOLD for anyone using LinkedIn to research companies, individuals, or positions within a company—and for recruiters searching for candidates!

The Company Profile page contains a wealth of information onthe company via Business Week and employment data compiled from the information current and former employees have enteredin LinkedIn.

This market intelligence is fantastic, allowing you to see hiring and promotional activity within the company, and to research competitors, similar companies, etc.

Let CPA Offer miner do all the hard work of finding Offers for you while you focus your efforts on getting traffic and make more money with CPA Marketing! 

                 Discover Dozens of CPA Offers in                                                   3 Simple Steps

       Step 1

Enter your Niche Keyword

       Step 2

Choose How Deep to Search

      Step 3

Click Search & View Results

 Getting More Eye-balls For Your Profiles!

There is LinkedIn is not a time hog. Once you get certain things setup (mostly your profile, group memberships, and preferences) youdon’t have to worry about spending much time in LinkedIn. Of course,if you have the time, you might derive value by incorporating someof the more advanced features we talk about in this book. The most                                                                                                                                                                              

Although most major CPA networks have international offers available; there are many International CPA Networks which are solely country based and affiliates are not taking advantage of the same. For example is one of the biggest International CPA networks based in Russia.                                                                                                 

Harvest CPA Offers from Over 32 Non-English Speaking Countries!

You are leaving a lot of money on the table by not promoting offers from the non-English speaking countries.

Infact most gurus will advise you to go after offers focussing on the English-speaking countries.

Using CPA Offer Miner, you can not only find International offers from over 32 Non-english speaking countries to promote with the push of a button but you can also discover new International CPA Networks which your competition is not even aware of.

Find CPA Offers Fast

You can easily discover untapped CPA offers in under 60 seconds.

Increase Your Earnings

Increase your CPA earnings by having the ability to search CPA Offers fast.

Search From Multiple Niches

You can search offers from over 40 niches like dating, finance, automotive etc.

View & Export Results

You can quickly view the results in the UI or export them to a CSV. 

Compare Payouts

You can easily compare payouts from various CPA Networks.

Compare CPA Offers

You can easily compare CPA offers from the top 5 CPA Networks

Find Relevant Offers

Offer Miner lets you view the latest and most recently updated CPA Offers..

Search International Networks

Offer Miner lets you harvest CPA Offers from over 34 non-English speaking countries

So Who is this For?

  • This is for anyone whether a newbie looking to make money with CPA or a CPA Super Affiliate.
  • This is for anyone who is looking to take their CPA Marketing to the next level.
  • This is for anyone who is struggling to get Accepted by CPA Networks.
  • This is for anyone who is looking to dominate the CPA Offers from non-English Speaking Countries.

It doesn't really matter if you are just getting started with CPA or if you are a super affiliate. CPA offer Miner can cut down your hours of Research and help you focus on the more important things like getting traffic for your CPA Offers.

See How Easy it is to Use!

Just Check Out The Demo Below!

You could start by putting a broad key word like ‘finance’ into the search field, but you could also put things like ‘insurance’, ‘loans’, ‘credit’; things that describe some other things that your audience might be interested in and click on Search, then check out the offers that Offer Miner shows you.

The first is the offer name: The offer name is really straightforward; it’s the name of the offer. Actually, CPA networks often times put important information in the offer name that you want to pay attention to. For example, if a offer has US in brackets in the offer name, which means it only accepts US traffic. 

The next think to look at is the payout: which is how much you get paid for every conversion. The type is just whether it’s a lead, which is where someone signs up or fills out a form, versus the sale, which is where someone actually makes a purchase. The category is obviously the different categories that that offer falls under.

The network is what CPA network is running that offer. The last update is when is the last time that offer has been updated. Don’t be too concerned if it’s been a month or two.

So How Much Will It Cost You To Tap Into 
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