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About Linkedin Leader


  • F.E : Linkedin Leader($9 & $17)
    Linkedin Leader will allow your subscribers to get more leads for their linkedin campaigns by allowing them to scrape data of company and user profiles and also follow user feature to get more eye-balls for their own profiles.
  • UPSELL-1  ($67)
     Your subscribers can use Linkedin Leader in combination with my best-selling Instagram CPA Course & Instagram Software
  • Downsell-1  ( $37)
    This is the lite version of Autogram Software. A few features of the software are restricted minus the Free Insta Hero course.
  • Downsell-2  ($1 Trial)
    Inorder to make most of the exit traffic we are offering a 3 day $1 trail of Linkedin Leader. If they choose not to cancel the trial they will be charged the regular price of PRO version.


Contest is based on the total F.E sales(Linkedin Leader Lite and Pro),3- day trial rebill count towards F.E sales, Cancellations of $1 trial are not counted for the contest . W+ LB shows the leaderboards for all products ( So it may not be the correct one). F.E LB stats will be shared at the end of the contest.


Contest ends at 11:59 PM EST Thursday, May 24th.



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Subject: Get the Ultimate Edge for Your Linkedin Marketing!

If you are struggling to get leads with your linkedin marketing you need to read this mail!

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional networking site, growing steadily from 225 million professional
profiles in 2012, to 347 million members in 2016.

But then how do you go about getting those leads and connections fast without doing all the dirty manual work?

Automation is the key to suceed with Linkedin Marketing just like other marketing. The biggest problem with linkedin
automation is that it makes it extremely hard for data miners to reverse engineer the rich database of Linkedin

However A new software released today-- "Linkedin Leader" solves this problem.

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With Linkedin Leader you can easily get more eyeballs for your profiles and generate leads for your business.

Just choose your market, enter the number of pages you want to scrape and let linkedin leader do it's job.
It can also view profiles of other linkedin members on auto-pilot. Best of all it has a in-built browser so you can
actually view the software in action.

Who is this For?

==> Anyone who is looking for their next high-paying job

==> Recuruiters looking to hire candidates of linkedin

==> Enterprenuer looking to build leads & market his own business 

Best of all you can even sell this data in fiverr for people who are willing to pay you $$ for this kind of  mined data from linkedin.

Yours sincerely,

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