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About Keyword Primer


  • F.E : Keyword Primer ($9 & $14)
    Keyword Primer will allow your subscribers to harvest thousands of long-tail keywords from over 6 search engines which they can then use to get their websites or blogs ranked! 
  • UPSELL-1  ($37 & 47)
    This is the tube terminator software that will allow to check  which set of keywords have videos ranked in Google and what is their likes, comments, uploaded information etc. Users can also upload their proxies. It is a multi-threaded software that can do analysis for thousands of keywords.
  • Upsell -2 ( $67)
    This is the platinum version of super simple scraper software  which will help in gathering high traffic targets.It will allow to scrape targets from the 14 international countries apart from the four English speaking countries from Google also from bing.
  • Downsell-2  ($1 Trial)
    Inorder to make most of the exit traffic we are offering a 3 day $1 trail of Keyword Primer. If they choose not to cancel the trial they will be charged the regular price of PRO version.


Contest is based on the total F.E sales(Keyword Primer Lite and Pro),3- day trial rebill count towards F.E sales, Cancellations of $1 trial are not counted for the contest . W+ LB shows the leaderboards for all products ( So it may not be the correct one). F.E LB stats will be shared at the end of the contest.


Contest ends at 11:59 PM EST Sunday, June 5th.



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