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Hi, I am Rishy, if you are reading my sales page now.. then I feel that
you and I have some connection and in all probability you are looking for a
solution to solve your IM problem?

Just like me.. do you also suffer from the shiny object syndrome?

But you don’t have to feel guilty about it because for a long time I
was in a similar situation. I was constantly buying one product after the
another, switching from one traffic source to another.

After a few years I started to feel as if I was stuck in a mental loop,
obsessing over trying new traffic methods and sources but not being
able to make a job replaceable income.Untitled-23

I wasn’t making any REAL progress inspite of learning new methods and buying new shiny
objects that promised Instant results only added to my misery.

The truth of the matter is, while trying to find new ways to make money I was constantly starting from scratch or zero which I presumed as progress.

Do you also find yourself in a similar situation now?

Finally…after jumping through a lot of hoops when I finally thought I had found my calling with Facebook and Twitter..

shutterstock_171400712344Not only did I lose money in campaigns, but..cut-throat competition and Lower ROI  meant I was on the verge of calling it QUITS.

I was honestly not ready to go through another painful experience of learning a new method or testing a new traffic source.

That’s when I thought I will seek mentorship for one last time and that’s how my mentor and now my good friend Marcus came to my rescue….

But First… I wanted to share some of the results I’ve been able to achieve with this traffic source..

When I finally got myself motivated to test this untapped traffic source… Even in my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined that the potential of Instagram could be this huge.

  • Firstly.. the traffic is totally free and so I had nothing to lose
  • Secondly, the Engagement rates are higher than those of Facebook and Twitter
  • Thirdly, there was no question of saturation as there are a variety of niches and offers that we can monetize

2015-12-18_13-39-25I started building these mini-insta machine campaigns that started bringing me Instant results…

This ugly and simple photo you see here turned out to be one of my most PROFITABLE campaigns to date!

For the first time ever I didn’t feel like I was stuck in a loop and I was enjoying the freedom of passive income.

And that’s how finally I turned from a Zero to ….An Insta Hero.

Now you might be thinking…

“This sounds great, but will I be able to achieve such INSTANT HEROIC results with Instagram too?”

Well now you CAN!


Finally… an EASIER way to get Instant traffic and subscribers…

  • No need to learn advertising techniques like you need for Facebook…
  • No need to spend a ton of money for the hottest traffic around…
  • No need to ever guess your way to success

5 Heroic Modules Guaranteed to Turn you into an Instant Instagram Hero

Heroic Intro

  ($47 value)

As the saying goes, “If You fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”Find out what the ultimate Instagram game plan is that will take you Instantly from a novice to an expert.

Learn why now is the best time to get into this hot traffic source so that your prospects choose you instead of your competition.

Heroic Offers

  ($97 value)

As the saying goes in IM circles,” It’s not about reinventing the wheel.” It’s all about
duplication and Market Research. Discover how easy it is to study your competition in Instagram.

Explore the Instagram friendly networks and offers and of course our custom built CPA Offer Miner tool that will harvest 1000s of CPA Offers in Minutes from Multiple Countries.

Heroic Setup

  ($97 value)

As the saying goes,” If you build it they will come.” But it’s not so true when it comes to building our profile or our home base in Instagram.

Learn all the nuts and bolts of setting up the mini-insta machines that will make any prospect want to read your profile complete the CPA Offer so that you sit back and earn $$$

Heroic Traffic

  ($97 value)

Traffic is vital to keep your IM business going. But getting Instagram traffic is relatively easier from other IM systems.

Learn about all the secrets to get  instant traffic  and most of all about our in-house built Instagram software that can help you bring traffic without costing you an arm and leg every month.

Insta SuperHero

  ($97 value)

As the most popular IM saying goes; “Money is in the list.” Indeed money is not just in the list but in the relationship you build with your list.

Take your Instagram marketing to super-heroic levels. Learn how easy it is to build and monetize your list with Instagram. Discover the secret to turn your Instagram followers into loyal paying customers for life.

Here’s just a fraction of what you will learn inside this Powerful Heroic Modules:

  • Understanding the Instagram Gameplan
  • Creating irresistible bios that make people take action!
  • Optimizing our Insta Profile the right way!
  • Creating your Insta call to action
  • Perfecting your display picture
  • Getting Free traffic on steroids
  • Getting Paid traffic for cheap!
  • How to Take Your Instagram marketing to the next level by building a list!

That’s not all! If you take action today you will be receiving these Never Before offered INSANE Heroic Irresistible bonuses that is easily worth 10 X times the price of the course

2 Super Heroic Bonuses

Heroic Software

  ($197 value)

Now you don’t have to worry about hash tags again. Using our FREE in-built hash tag generator software will allow you to instantly gather the most popular hashtags from over 16 categories. All you have to do is plug in these hash tags in your instagram campaigns.


Heroic Webinar

  ($197 value)


Live Training – December 28th at 3PM Eastern

You’ll also get exclusive training from two Instagram Pro’s. Barry & Roger pull back the curtains on their Instagram business and will show you how they generate over 8,300 visitors to an E-commerce site using a simple technique that anyone can use on Instagram. You won’t want to miss this!



Our Heroic Promise to you…


We’re so confident that you’ll see massive results with Insta Hero – we want to make this a 100% risk-free purchase.

We want to offer you our iron clad 30-day money back guarantee. If at any time in those 30 days you decide to go back to the old way of doing things, we’ll quietly refund your purchase, every cent.

All the risk is on us. So we’ve made this decision a complete no-brainer for you.




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And if you’ve read and understood everything so far you would have probably realized why this is the right time to get your feet wet with Instagram

Let’s do some quick math….

If just one campaign generates you 3 bucks a day, then 15 Instagram accounts can generate over $45 bucks a day or $1,350 in Passive Commissions.

How much would an extra $1,350 in Commissions would mean to you?[/text_block]



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To your success, Rishy & Marcus


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