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Important: Kindly Watch the Installation & Troubleshooting  video below first before you begin to download & use the software.

Software Installation Videos


Please watch this video for steps of quick installation for Bing Boss.
1. Kindly extract the file from zip file first before running.
2. Run the software from Desktop or from C: which does not require read only access.

Software Training Videos

VIDEO #1.  Version Differences

In this video you will learn about the version differences between of the two editions of CPA Offer Sniper. Depending upon what version you have purchased, you will have access to certain modules of software!

VIDEO #2. Offer Sniper Walk Through

In this video you will get a brief walk through of Offer Sniper software. You will learn about the main modules of the software and how to get started with Offer Sniper and how the overall interface works!

VIDEO #3. Niche Sniper

In this video we will learn about the Niche Module of CPA Offer Sniper and how it can be used to snipe CPA offers based on your chosen niche like payday loans, finance, dating, gaming etc. i.e Evergreen or general CPA offers.

VIDEO #4. Network Sniper

In this video, we will learn about the second module of CPA Offer Sniper. i.e the Network Sniper. In this module you can scrape CPA Offers from some of the top CPA Networks. Thus you can easily compare the payouts of the offers across some top CPA Networks.

VIDEO #5. Country Sniper

In this last module, you will learn how to use the country based scraping feature of CPA Offer Sniper which will help you to focus on promoting international CPA Offers. You can scraper from over 4 English speaking countries and from over 32 non-English speaking countries.More countries will be added soon in the future updates.

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