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Important: Kindly Watch the Installation & Troubleshooting  video below first before you begin to download & use the software.

Software Installation Videos


Please watch this video for steps of quick installation for Bing Boss.
1. Kindly extract the file from zip file first before running.
2. Run the software from Desktop or from C: which does not require read only access.


Please watch this video for steps of troubleshooting for Bing Boss especially if you encounter unhanded exception or license exiting(2:56)

Software Training Videos

VIDEO #1.  Version Differences

In this video you will learn about the version differences between of the two editions of Bing Boss. Depending upon what version you have purchased, you will have access to certain modules of software!

VIDEO #2. Offer Sniper Walk Through

In this video you will get a brief walk through of Bing Boss software. You will learn about the main modules of the software and how to get started with Bing Boss and how the overall interface works!

VIDEO #3. Niche Sniper

In this video we will reverse-engineer the competitor's landing pages, titles & descriptions inside of Bing ADS for the 4 English-speaking Markets using the competition boss module of Bing Boss!

VIDEO #4. Network Sniper

Most of your Bing ADS competitors will be busy using google keyword planner to target inside of Bing ADS. Remember this is Bing & not Google. Both are different search engines. So what if you could harvest all the keywords that the user is typing exactly inside of Bing to search? Using the bing suggest module of the software you can automate the entire process and let me show you how.

VIDEO #5. Country Sniper

In this video, we will take learn about another powerful feature of the software i.e to generate permutations of keywords to generate unique long tail keywords that can help you to dominate your competition. You can enter a core keyword in combination with modifiers and qualifiers to generate unique long tail keywords.

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