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What You Will Learn Inside...


Crush out some 100% whitehat campaigns as you look over our shoulder step by step discovering everything from PPE ads to using Power editor to our advanced strategies and much much more


We will walk you through keyword research, finding offers that hit the sweet spot and show you how to crush your competition by getting clicks as low as 10 cents a click!!!


Our in house 7 figure email marketer with over 20 years in the biz will walk you through his exact email sequence and process to closing sales day after day.


Learn from our CPA Ninja as he silently assassinates his competition by picking high converting offers and targets with his own secret strategy. This is PPV done right! 


Our in house Get our 300% ROI Strategy that nobody is teaching. Let us show you how to run profitable campaigns on a little known advertising strategy that nobody is using. We also teach you how to get into secret underground Native Ad networks.


We saved the best for last. GDN is the powerhouse of marketing where traffic and targets are limitless. Get traffic instantly as we show you how to create display ads, set your targets and eliminate traffic sources that don’t convert.


Be part of their amazing community. Get the latest updates and collaborate with others who are building their CPA business like you! Other successful CPA marketers are always providing value, useful tips, and knowledge from experience. This alone is worth the cost.


Get access to their 8 week CPA Boot-camp webinar series. They will take you over the shoulder for 8 weeks and walk you through campaigns, answer your questions and help you achieve success!

MY Exclusive Bonus Package (Worth $997) for CPA Masters Academy

CPA Masters Academy is put together by 4 of the most successful CPA marketers in the business.

They are such big players in the CPA industry that even MaxBounty is going to be recommending this training to all of their users.

They have generated millions of dollars with CPA offers and CPA Masters Academy reveals their entire blueprint.

CPA Masters Academy does not provide any software tools and that is where my bonus package will perfectly compliment it.

                                                                                                                     2 YEAR Free Membership (Worth $890)

2 Year Free Membership to My Software Membership site that will be priced at $47 a month to be launched soon. You will get access to all the software tools (not just limited to CPA) related to various niches -market research, local business marketing, Social Media sofwares, SEO Softwares. The CPA tools inside the membership site will be perfect compliment to the course.

                                                                                                         Auto Approval To MaxBounty + $20 In Credit

You get automatic approval to the number one CPA network in the world so you do not have to worry about going through a long tedious process without knowing if you can even get into a CPA network. On top of that, you also receive $20 in credit to your MaxBounty account so you are already in profit before you start a campaign!

                                                                                                                    CPA Miner Software (Worth 97$)

CPA Miner Software to be launched in Month of March. You will get this software immediately when you purchase CPA masters Academy today. CPA Offer Miner is a unique software that will allow you to harvest 1000s of CPA offers within seconds. You will get unlimited lifetimeupdates for free.

                                                                                                           PPV Scraper (Google+Bing) (Worth 97$)

The PPV Scraper Software will perfectly compliment the PPV training of the course. Within seconds you will be able to harvest high traffic targets to be used for your PPV campaigns.

                                                                                                              MY BEST-SELLING COURSES (Worth 197$)

You will get instant bonus access to all my past courses like CPA Commando, PPV Powerplay, CPA Catalyst, Tiny Tube Profits plus you will get my yet to be released course Tube CPA Catalyst and all the Video related software's for free when you buy CPA Masters Academy today. I have never offered my past courses or future courses as bonus before but for this course I will be exclusively offering these bonuses if you take action today!

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