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If you want to start launching big profitable campaigns with display ads and CPA offers, this is the best route to go. My bonus package takes CPA Display Academy to the next level so make sure you grab it through my link.

Why CPA Display Academy?

A proven system to generate over $50K in a single month?

What if you are able to replicate time and time again using what’s a proven, idiot-proof system?

ANYONE can learn this and start applying it within 24 hours, with very little money to invest?

Even better yet, what if we showed you REAL proof, and explained exactly how you can do it too?

MY Exclusive Bonus Package (Worth $197) for CPA Display Academy

 Joey Babineau, Stefan Ciancio, and Timthy Miranda are using little-known high quality traffic sources to consistently launch huge winning CPA campaigns. This not something that they learned overnight.

They have been doing this for a long time, and they have it down to a science with their best months reaching over $50K.With live case studies and concrete examples being shown in the course, CPA Display Academy provides top notch training that is easy for anybody to implement.

Unlike most courses nowadays, this is not a simple overview and vague description of a method. It goes in-depth and shows you all of the important details you need to be successful.

All it takes is 15-30 minutes per day and a tiny budget to start with, and you can be scaling up to huge numbers in no time.

My suit of traffic Bonus packages below perfectly compliment the CPA Display Academy.

If you only buy the F.E of the course, you get the following bonuses as below automatically delivered:

                                                                                                     Spark Apex Mastermind ($197 value)

Eric, Stefan, and Timothy are the founders of the Spark Apex brand. Their mastermind is dedicated to helping everybody inside succeed. They are constantly providing high quality content and providing great support to all members.You get access to their exclusive mastermind when you grab CPA Display Academy from my link.

                                                                                                     CPA Marketing Revealed ($47 value)

Learn everything you need to know about CPA marketing. By understanding the key topics, you will know exactly how to proceed with setting up profitable campaigns on any traffic source.

                                                                                     CPA Overdrive ($47 value)

This is an excellent guide that shows you exactly how to get accepted into a CPA network, which CPA networks to join, and all the tools and resources you will need to be successful.

                                                                                                                    Link Rotator ($97 value)

It is very important to test multiple CPA offers to maximize your profits on every campaign. This tool allows you to easily rotate offers so you can see exactly which one is bringing in the most profits.

If you  buy the optional $37 Monthly upgrade of the course, you get the following MY Never Released SEO Software bonus as below:

                                                                                                        SEO Mach Software ($397 value)

Send fake traffic to whatever website you want just like how a real visitor is viewing a website scrolling the pages up and down and reading the website. You can also set-up random hits to website and also as if somebody us viewing internal page of website.

Ability to add one proxy for all website or multiple proxies for each website.


Increase visitors
Time per visitor
Pages per visitor
Decrease bounce rate

I not only use this to increase free traffic for my CPA blogs but I also use this software for lot of my SEO clients to make upto $3k a month or more.

The cool thing about this software is there is no chance of penalty as the software will mimic a real-user behaviour which you will even be able to verify in Google analytics.

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*All the LIMITED Bonuses will be available for instant download when you purchase the course*

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Click on the “Tools” icon in the top right
Go to Internet Options
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Click on the ‘spanner’ icon in the top right
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