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  • Find out how you can bank 3 figure paydays selling books with very few pages & no author account
  • ​Bank huge paydays even if you have ​no prowess to sell outside kindle or no reviews
  • ​​Double you sales using this one SNEAKY Method!
  • ​Learn to find topics that are making money
  • ​Learn the  ​secret to ranking on the first page of the amazon kindle/paperback results

​The Secrets to finding a Profitable Kindle Niche is a lot like fishing. If you want to catch the best fish in the sea then you need to use the right bait. ​​​

​         By choosing the right Niche & Keywords ​you could publish books that'll get
                the EYEBALLS from day one with little to no marketing at all. And to do this                                you need not be a prolific writer or have thousands of followers.                                                     

From The Desks Of:


Dear Wannabe Publisher,

If you are reading this page then I am guessing you are either wanting to make passive income selling books or you have already published some books but the results​ are far from satisfactory.

You probably spent months locked in a room religiously ​cranking out page after page everyday, hoping to see your book become the next HOT BEST-SELLER!

​But far from being a best-seller your book does not appear even in the first page of kindle results. What's even worse is the very same book for which you put all your blood, sweat and tears into has little to no sales.

On the contrary, your competitor's books are selling a lot of copies with GLOWING 5-star reviews. Their covers are so damn UGLY that it's not even worth calling them covers. 

​And their books are so short, that it must have probably been an EASY-PEASY day's worth of work for them.

​So, what did all this mean to you? That you are not TALENTED or GIFTED? ​That Writing is not your FORTE? ​​Did all these thoughts of self-blame and pity start racing your mind and were you on the VERGE of giving it all up? 

                                                    And ​How can I guess all this? 

I know exactly how you feel because a few years ago I made the same mistakes.

                              I Knew Kindle Was Great! But Still, I Wasn't​ Making
​                                    Enough to Make Up For What I Was Spending!                                      

​I knew Kindle  was great. People were making thousands, and a lucky few even millions by
self-publishing their books.

So, back in 2014, I jumped right in and started publishing my books. I hired a girl to market my courses for me, I got a lot of reviews (most of which were removed by Kindle, so don’t try to exchange reviews, they don’t work anymore).

But still, I wasn’t making enough to make up for what I was spending.​

I wondered what I was doing wrong.  Maybe I just wasn’t marketing the
 books enough? Or Perhaps...
​                                                         ​

  • ​My cover wasn't professional enough!
  • My Book Description was horrible!
  • My book wasn't long enough!


      ​              Finally I Learnt the Art of Making sales
                                    With Little to no Marketing!       


While I was beating myself up about every little thing, one of my books hit the ground
running right after I published it. It wasn’t any different. It still had the crappy $5 cover
I had done for my other books. It was a short book, just like the others. The same
description, everything about it was the same!

But something was different this time. I went into research mode for the next few days,
and that’s when I stumbled on the secrets to successful self-publishing.

​I realized that I didn’t need to hire a marketing person, spend hours
exchanging reviews and my covers need not be worth 100s of dollars. ​

 If I don’t choose the right topic, I can spend all the money in the world, and still
not make enough to stay in profit. But with the right niche, I can start making sales
 with little to no marketing involved.

 Since then, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been releasing books in hand-picked,
highly targeted niches and they start making sales right off the bat, with no reviews
 or marketing of any kind.

                                             And Today I a​m Going to Spill all the Beans on
                                               How You Can Build Your Own Profitable Book Empire

Get instant access to Books Niche Empire Right Now!

Learn The Art Of Finding Profitable Kindle & Paperback Topics & Niches & Keywords With Low Competition - Less Marketing!

Here is Just A Gist of What You'll Learn Inside:

  • How to find profitable, low competition categories, sub categories and niches for  Kindle books, so​​​​ ​​​that you can just put your book up and start getting sales with little to no marketing.
  • How to find profitable paperback niches and categories (hint: some paperback niches can be exponentially more profitable than kindle niches) so you can double, and in many cases triple and quadruple your Kindle earnings
  • How to find new niches in short reads, niches you won’t find selling in the general E-book section so that you can quickly build up an entire fleet of Kindle books that make you money day after day.
  • How to avoid choosing categories that won’t sell; so you can make sure every book you publish makes you money. Never waste your work.
  • How to check the competition of your chosen niches.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Writers who want to utilize their skills to write profitable books
  • Kindle publishers who want to learn how to break into the elusive world of paperbacks
  • If you are a struggling newbie & looking for a completely automated, but profitable part-time business model to help you with your bills.
  • Failed self-publishers who want to finally get the sales they dreamed of in their Kindle business
  • Entrepreneurs & Kindle book publishers who don't know what topic their next book should be about

Double the Books, Double the Sales!

Why stop at kindle? ​Imagine being able to make more money with the same book. A lot of authors are leaving money on
the table by not doing the same and inside the course I will show you EXACTLY how you can BANK more $$$ with the same book without any effort!


​I made a lot of mistakes early on in the kindle publishing game that definitely cost me a lot of time & money and I even EXPERIENCED burnout a couple of times and ​inside the course I will show you EXACTLY how you can stop making these mistakes that STOPS YOU from ACHIEVING success in the long run.

Mistake #1: Trying to be a Good Writer With Poor Marketing Skills!

​​If you are an expert in ancient Egyptian History, you can go ahead and write a book on that topic and try to market that book but what we are trying to do, is write to the market, write topics that are selling. We are treating this as a business and not as a hobby. More than your expertise what really counts is whether the books have a potential to sell without much effort and you should definitely not make the mistake of treating this as just a hobby especially if you want to make passive income in the long run!

Mistake #2: It's all about the Numbers!

Internet marketing in general is a business game. The more products you have, the more money you make.
Kindle is no different. You can’t make money after releasing 5 short books, for instance. But publishing 100 short books? That’s a completely different ball game.

Yes, it takes time. Yes, it’s a lot of work. But when you start making a full-time income every month from work you did years back, you’ll be thanking your past self for putting in the work then.

The more books you have in your catalog across multiple niches and across a lot of pen names the more money you can make.The people who make lot of money from just one book are the popular guys, they have publishers behind them or they have a big following behind them and they know how to promote their book.

Mistake #3: Trying to Run Away from Competition!

​​Don’t run away from competition, healthy competition is always good.
But it should not be too much that you cannot SURVIVE. On the other hand don’t rejoice that there is no competition because that might also mean that there is no market as well and probably you won't make any sales.​

                               An Easy Simple 5 Step Formula That You Will Learn in The
                                     Course, One You Can Easily Rinse & Repeat
                                                     Across Multiple Categories &NICHES!

  • 1
    ​Research Categories
  • 2
    ​Research Best-Sellers
  • 3
    ​Check the Competition & Ranking Possibilities of the Best-Sellers
  • 4
    ​Find Good Topics to Write in Those Niches/Categories
  • 5
    ​Find Good Keywords For Those Topics!

           Just See These Jaw Dropping Results!

              ​$600 a month from one small niche of horses

​Let's take a quick look at just one of the books in this niche. With barely 22 reviews, this book is a best seller.
​                        With 4 sales a day or 120 sales a month this book is making around
                                           $20 a day or approximately  $600 a month

​$6600 From A Small ​Baking Niche!

Look at the first result in the first page. It’s a best seller, with a rank of 1383!

This means this book is selling approximately 55 books a day, and it’s priced at

Even if Kindle’s only paying this author 30% of the sales, that’s still $4 per sale, and $220 per day, and $6600 per month!

                            So imagine how much you can make by writing a single book?

And not to mention these niches have multiple categories and sub categories ​with low competition, and we show all of this and more in the course; this can be an easy job replaceable income if you want it to be.


Books Niche Empire

​Inside this comprehensive 2 and a half hours of  Kindle & Paperback Niche & Competition Research Training ​we will follow a 5 step research process using 3 methods to find profitable and low competition niches.




​Introduction ​: In this module, you'll get an overview of exactly what will be covered in this course, and how you’ll benefit from it. You will also learn about the 5-step process that you'll be using to figure out the best, profitable and low-competition niche(s) for your Kindle business.



​Kindle Niche Research Blue Print-The 5 Step BluePrint.: In this section, you will learn the different ways to find profitable niches in Kindle short reads, Kindle E-store as well as the book store (to find paperback niches). You will learn about the various ways to find profitable, but low competition niches, and how you can find viable topics to write books about in these niches/categories.



​Kindle & Paperback Category Research. ​I’n this Module you will learn another trick to find viable topics to write books on – looking at the best seller section. If done right, you can find book topics that will, once published, sell with no effort from your part. ​



​​Kindle & Paperback Bestseller Research ​: In this module, we’re going to go ​learn about competition research.​ We’ll also be looking at the pitfalls of selecting niches with no competition, which translates to no demand. You will learn how to analyze competition through reviews and gauging your ability to compete with the other authors in your chosen niche.


If you take action today and get the books Niche Empire, as an added bonus you will receive free license of our custom softwae tool "KD Suggest Pro" for FREE!
This software alone is worth twice the price of the course because it allows you to harvest profitable kindle keywords that people are actually searching for in Kindle!
However this bonus is EXTREMELY LIMITED and we RESERVE the RIGHT to remove it anytime, so take ACTION to get BOOKS NICHE EMPIRE & Your Free Bonus!





      Aarthi                  Rishy

P.S:   For a very long time I hesitated to get into the publishing world because I always thought that books were for the talented and famous until I learned the art of choosing niches. I realized how easy it was for people like you and me, people who don't have much time or much of a fan following, but can still make a decent living in the publishing business. 

I noticed that  ​completely normal people are making either a side income or recurring job replacing income....choosing the right niche or topic! ... most of these people ....did not even have author profiles

​And today, as a launch special, and for a special price of less than what it'd cost you to eat out tonight, I'm revealing all these secrets in this comprehensive training!

P.P.S: You have 3 options right now:

1.  ​You can keep doing what you're doing and keep feeling frustrated​ at not achieving success in your self-publishing business

2. ​You can try to do this on your own and waste tons of time or money​ and not make a penny from your books 

3. Or test drive Books Niche Empire, learn from our mistakes and start getting the results you want right now.

And to make this offer a complete no-brainer we are also offering a
no questions asked Money Back Guarantee​






100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Gain INSTANT ACCESS to ​Books Niche Empire RIGHT NOW, completely 100% RISK FREE FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS! I know you are going to LOVE this Training but on the off chance that it just isn’t what you thought or you receive ZERO value from it (highly unlikely)...We’ll refund 100% of your purchase today, no questions asked, no hassle and no hard feelings.
So fearlessly click that BUY NOW button right now and let's get you started!

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