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Dear Hardworking BING ADS Marketer,

I think... by far the biggest road-block in PPC
is to come up with enticing AD copies & landing page ideas.

Let's face it.. unless you are an EXPERT in your niche market, you might end up paying through the nose if users who are clicking on your ADS don't have a genuine interest in what you are advertising.

And I don't know about you but for me even if I am well-versed with the Niche I find it.. DAMN HARD to write  even a single line of word!

Are my landing pages targeting my Niche Audience properly?
Are they sending the right message across to them?
Is my AD copy enticing enough for someone to click the AD?
Will they take action after clicking the AD?

In short, will I make Money?

All of these questions would race through my head making me feel

Don't Try to Reinvent the Wheel...

Heck, I couldn't understand how my competitor's are
getting a lot of success while I used to struggle day in and day out to even get my campaigns going..

They must be doing a lot of research, was my assumption!

So I burnt the midnight oil doing in-depth study of the niches for which I was going to run campaigns..

But guess what...

Not only did I waste my time in doing a lot of irrelevant research...

 I also didn't stick with one Niche for long enough till it became profitable

 I had hit a brick-wall.

"So, I decided to look for any tool that will allow me to reverse-engineer my competition in BING ADS?"

All I discovered were tools that were geared towards studying the competition in Google Adwords.

Most tools like keyword planner or for that matter other software tools are created for the purpose of studying Google adwords competition.

But the advertisers in Bing are a different BEAST altogether And...

Let's not forget studying our competition in Adwords is not going to help as the competition is not the same.

Long Story short -  This is why, I created this nifty Bing Profit Planner Software!

I know I am repeating myself but in PPC Marketing getting your AD copies & Landing page message across to your audience is crucial to your success.

As the saying goes... the best thing is to not reinvent the wheel but copy what is already working.

Just Imagine..DOING in-depth research for each and every niche market for which you are planning to run campaigns for. You risk the campaign not get any clicks or conversions & possibly Negative ROI if your campaign is not in sync with what the audience is looking for..

"Time is Money"!  Your time is better spent on the other important tasks like monitoring, optimizing & scaling to multiple niches & campaigns. Don't you think?

With my Software in your arsenal, the game changes and rest assured you can dominate BING ADS PPC EASILY like the PROS in just 3 SIMPLE STEPS...


 Enter Your Niche Keyword & Country


  Harvest All of your competitor's AD titles, Descriptions & Landing Pages.


 Mix & Match Your Competitor's Campaigns to Create your Own Unique Ones!




Bing Competition Planner

Bing Auto-Suggest

Keyword Merger

Keyword Wrapper

Here's a Quick Recap of Exactly What You Will Get:


PRO Version

Lifetime Free Updates

  •  Bing Competition Planner
  • Bing Auto-suggest
  •  Keyword Merger
  •  Keyword Wrapper
  •  Harvest ADS From 4 Countries
  •  View & Export Results


Superb..Super Simple Scraper

Just like other forms of marketing Automation is the key to succeed with PPC Marketing and that's why I created the PPV Scraper tool to help me make more money with Bing ADS by focusing on the most important tasks of testing,tracking & optimizing traffic sources. 

Unlike other solutions out there I wanted to create a proxy-free solution without any restrictions.

When I got started with PPV most existing scraper solutions either required a proxy or had some form of restriction ( i.e you could only request data from Google for certain attempts before you could try again or else Google could penalize you by blocking your IP).

With Super Simple Scraper you don't have to worry about either of those and just focus on harvesting.

  1. Scrape Unlimited ADS: Harvest your competitor's AD Titles, descriptions & URL's from BING ADS for the four major English-speaking countries of USA, UK, Canada & AUS.
  2.  Bing auto-suggest : Harvest unlimited low-competition long-tail Bing auto-suggest keywords
  3. Merge Keywords: Merge different sets of keywords to form unique long-tail combinations.
  4. Wrap Keywords : Convert your keywords to different match types like modified broad,phrase & exact with one-click of a button.
  5. Easy to install & Use: Since it's a windows based software, its extremely easy to install and
    has a user-friendly Interface
  6. View & Export : View and save all of your competitor's AD titles, descriptions plus the Bing auto-suggest keywords to get dirt cheap traffic from Bing

Super Benefits

  • No Proxy & No Restrictions. No need for using Proxies. Scrape as many of your competitor's AD campaigns you want and and as many times as you want. No waiting time whatsoever before making repeated requests of Scraping.
  • Built-in AD Scraper. Harvest all of your competitor's AD campaigns currently running inside BING ADS From the top 4 English-speaking countries of US, UK, AUS & Canada. It's your choice as to how deep you want to scrape & you can even view your competitor's landing pages directly from the software UI.  You can also analyze which of your competitor's ADS are more popular & are spending more in advertising as the software does not delete duplicate results.
  • low Competition Long-tail keywords. Say good-bye to your competition by not only harvesting keywords from Bing auto-suggest but also generating unique long-tail keywords using permutation of keywords. Plus convert your keywords to different match types to be used in your BING ADS campaigns with one click of a button.
  • Export all your Results. Export all of your results with one-click of a button & save it in your projects folder.

Super Bonuses

I think by now you have realized why you need Bing Profit Planner to help you with automation of the cumbersome task of brainstorming killer AD campaigns that can otherwise become painstaking.

But if you take action today I will sweeten the deal for you by throwing in a cool DFY campaign bonus

            Super Bonus# 1 

 Over 50 hot PPV pop-ups from various niches (finance like binary offers, cash loans and other niches like weight loss etc). This will give you someideas on how to create high-converting landing pages for your PPV campaigns while targetting the harvested URLs.

PLUS ... You Are Also Covered by..


 Full 30 days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Gain INSTANT ACCESS to BING ADS PROFIT PLANNER RIGHT NOW, completely 100% RISK FREE FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS! I know you are going to LOVE this software but on the off chance that it just isn’t what you thought or you receive ZERO value from it (highly unlikely)...I’ll refund 100% of your purchase today, no questions asked, no hassle and no hard feelings.
So fearlessly click that BUY NOW button right now and let's get you started!

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P.P.S: I try to automate all my IM tasks to make more money for which I have created simple software tools which do the tasks that needs to be done properly. I have been using my software successfully since 2 years and as a way to help you I am making it available to you today for an extremely low price. 

Best of all with my special launch pricing and money back guarantee you have nothing to Lose! So take action today and take your BING ADS Campaigns to the next level !

                                                                                         To Your Success,
                                                                                          Marcus & Rishy