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Important: Kindly Watch the Installation & Troubleshooting  video below first before you begin to download & use the software.

Software Installation Videos


Please watch this video for steps of quick installation for bing profit planner


 99.9% of installation issues are caused to due to anti-virus. Watch this troubleshooting video before you install the software.


Please watch this video before installing the software as it will show you all the necessary steps for the pre-installation and installation of the software..

Software Training Videos

VIDEO #1.  Introduction

In the first video you will get a brief walkthrough of Bing Profit Planner software. We will learn about the main modules of the software and  how to get started with Bing Profit Planner by creating a new project. You will also learn about the version differences and this demo is applicable to both versions.

VIDEO #2. Bing Competition

In this video we will reverse-engineer the competitor's
landing pages, titles & descriptions  inside of Bing ADS for the 4 English-speaking  Markets & also learn how to use the software to reverse-engineer markets which we are not even aware of in the first place.

VIDEO #3. Bing Suggest

Most of your Bing ADS competitors will be busy using google keyword planner to target inside of Bing ADS. Remember this is Bing & not Google. Both are different search engines. So what if you could harvest all the keywords that the user is typing exactly inside of Bing to search? Using the bing suggest module of the software you can automate the entire process and let me show you how.

VIDEO #4. Keyword Merger

In this video, we will take learn about another powerful feature of the software i.e to generate permutations of keywords to generate unique long tail keywords that can help you to dominate your competition. You can enter a core keyword in combination with modifiers and qualifiers to generate unique long tail keywords.

VIDEO #5. Keyword Wrapper

With one click of a button the keyword wrapper module of the software allows you to convert your keywords into the three match types - modified broad match type, phrase and exact match type.

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